Cron To Go: Run scheduled tasks on your Heroku Apps Cron To Go
Splunk On-Call
Splunk On-Call

Splunk On-Call

Incident Management

Cron To Go

Cron To Go is a fully managed distributed, scalable and reliable cloud scheduler that allows you to schedule virtually any job on your Heroku applications. Cron To Go provides the convenience of having all of your scheduling needs attended to in just one add-on.

  • Automated, flexible background task scheduling
  • Notifications and monitoring
  • Easy troubleshooting and debugging

Splunk On-Call

Splunk On-Call (Formerly VictorOps) is an incident management software that uses alert management and in-app conference calling to accelerate incident resolution, enhance uptime, and diminish the burden on on-call teams.

  • Built-In Collaboration
  • Built-In Collaboration
  • Rapid Incident Response

How does it work?

With the help of webhooks, the Cron To Go-Splunk On-Call integration allows you to monitor your Cron To Go jobs health and notify your operations team on failures so they can handle incidents as they occur and prepare for possible future situations.

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