Over the course of the last few months, we have been working to create a scheduling platform which has inherent qualities of simplicity, reliability, and optimization, where we would manage all the background work so you can focus on your company’s goals.

We would like to thank our beta users who have helped us fine tune the product through their usage and feedback, and iron out some inevitable bugs.

So without further ado, we are so pleased to announce that the general availability of Cron To Go's Heroku add-on is finally here! It is an incredible add-on which can be used for running jobs through the use of one-off dynos. You can use cron expressions to customize job schedules or use our templates to run background tasks only when you need them. Cron To go is built as a reliable, at-least-once delivery scheduling system, on top of highly available, state-of-the-art cloud services, so all that’s left for you to do is use our simple interface to add, edit, or delete jobs to your app. You can read all about it here and feel free to reach out to us via in app online chat.

Discover Cron To Go’s Features

  • Fully managed Cron scheduler - Our cloud scheduler is distributed, scalable and reliable. Cron is no longer a single point of failure.
  • Reliable delivery - Enterprise-grade reliability for cron jobs. Guaranteed at-least-once delivery to your job targets.
  • One-off dynos support - Cron To Go will spawn one-off dynos with your commands to save on costs. No need to keep a clock dyno or a web dyno 24/7 to respond to scheduled HTTP requests.
  • Cron expression validation and suggestion - Don't waste time on authoring and testing your expressions.
  • Live support - Need help setting up scheduled tasks? We're here to help! Through the use of live chats, email, and efficient communication, your questions, problems, and concerns will be heard and resolved.

What’s next?

From logging to time zone support to more targets, we would love to hear what is important for you to see in the next version! Click here to help us shape our add-on. It won't take more than 1 minute!

May the odds be ever in your favor,
Crazy Ant Labs team