Following Heroku’s notices regarding the discontinuation of free dynos, starting Nov 28, 2022, the free dyno will no longer be available and therefore any Cron To Go job configured to use the free dyno type will fail to start.

What does it mean for jobs with the free dyno type?

In order to ensure that your free dyno jobs continue to work, you will have to either subscribe your app to the eco plan (see here for more information) and change your jobs’ dyno type from free to eco. You may also use any other dyno type (e.g. Standard-1X), but eco is the most cost effective option.

If you haven’t used our bulk edit option yet, this may be a good time to try it out.

Bulk edit job properties

What does it mean for jobs with the hobby dyno type?

The hobby dyno type will be renamed “Basic” starting Nov 28, 2022. No action is required on your end - we will ensure that Cron To Go uses the correct dyno type and change it automatically for you.

What does it mean for jobs with any other dyno type?

No changes required at this stage!

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